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What is SEM?

SEM is short for Search Engine Marketing. Apart from SEO it also covers search engine advertisement. These adverts are paid and usually placed above or under the organic search results of Google or shown as content of partner websites of the search engine. SEM is very effective when trying to see fast success. The website traffic can be increased significantly and within short periods of time. Also the popularity of a brand and its sales can be elevated quickly. Two of the most popular and effective SEM-services are Google AdWords, which places the adverts on the Google search engine and other Google-network search engines, and Yahoo Search Marketing. Yahoo Search engine Marketing will put your advert up on Yahoo and Bing. Google for sure is the biggest search engine and in a lot of countries in the world, Google holds most of the shares of SEM investment. In the past few years SEM has continuously become more and more important. Because SEM is interesting to all Shop holders, online and offline, we expect SEM to keep getting more important for business. Now, you don’t have to look for your costumers anymore because, they will find you!

SEM Types

Many different methods are available to develop an effective SEM strategy. Combining different methods will lead to success. Most importantly in SEM are these methods:

The most popular and most used form of SEM is Google AdWords. AdWords are placed above or right next to the unpaid search results. A professional AdWords campaign will only let potential customers see the Advertisement. These potential customers are filtered by relevant keywords, regions and relevant criteria. Costs do only apply when someone clicks on your AdWord and these costs are fully calculable by planning a maximum budget per day. Google calculates where to place an advert with the help of a specific formula. This formula pays attention to the maximum cost per click and quality-factor. The Quality-factor is determined by the click-rate of the keyword, the quality of the destination-domain, click-rate of the shown URL, relevance of the keyword for the campaign, relevance of the keyword for search and many other factors. This means, you only have indirect influence on the placement of your AdWord.

Google Partner Agencies are certified agencies, specialized in different areas of SEM with AdWords. These agencies have taken special Google Certification-Tests and always feature the latest products and knowledge. Google Partners are trained in the fields of Search Engine Marketing, Mobile-Marketing, Video-Marketing, Display-Marketing and marketing strategies on Google Shopping. Because of their close relations to Google, these agencies are able to provide extremely high quality marketing.

Google has a large network, containing a large number of blogs and websites which are used as Advertising space for SEM. Text, pictures, rich-media and video files can be used. With this SEM strategy, well planned, it is possible to reach the right customers. You can choose to show your advert to users based on context, placement and interests. Also, you can choose your targeting group by demographic and geographic factors.

Re-marketing is a strategy that aims at reaching out to customers that have already been showing interest in your website. These specific customers will see f. e. advertisement for products they have looked at but did not purchase on your website yet. Remarketing belongs to the group of advertisement tools based on interest of the user, not on the content of the website it is placed on. The basic routine of this SEM method includes three steps. The first step is to find out exactly the interests of the visitors on your website. Then, the same user has to be recognized when browsing different websites. After recognizing the user, advertisement is shown to him. Ideally, the user now returns to the website and buys the product. Google now offers to not only track down visitors of your own website, but also users with the same interests.

Affiliate Marketing is a SEM tool. Website owners make advertising space available to other businesses. On these advertising spaces, you can place individually designed adverts. One big advantage in Affiliate Marketing is, payment is only due with success. Commission is paid to the affiliate, when the advert on his website has successfully brought a new customer. Depending on the agreement between the advertiser and the affiliate marketer, the commission can be for:

CPC = Cost per Click

CPL = Cost per Lead

CPS = Cost per Sale

The adverts are signed with specific codes that let the advertiser know, which one of the affiliates led the customer to him.


Benefits of SEM

A well planned SEM strategy in combination with a professional on- and off-page optimization is the right way to successful online marketing. SEM brings a few advantages, that SEO alone cannot fulfill. Success can be reached within a short period of time, because your website is being pushed constantly. Also, your customers will find you at the right time, being that your advert is only shown to those who are looking for your services or products. Therefore, your advert won’t be seen as a useful lead rather than aggravating. You can choose exactly what group of users you would like to confront with your advertisement. The costs are absolutely in your hands and you may modify your settings at any time. Here are some strong arguments for SEM:

1) More traffic within a short period of time

2) Raising brand popularity within a short period of time

3) Fast raise in sales and customers

4) Your customers find you

5) Customers react positively towards your advertisement, because it is based on their interests

6) Precise identifications of your targeting group is possible

7) Ideal timing: Customer and Seller meet exactly at the right time

8) Fair payment methods

9) Costs can be calculated right from the beginning

10) Your advert reaches a large number of users

11) Full flexibility: your campaign may be changed at any time you would like

SEM by Las Vegas SEO

Just like any other marketing strategy, SEM is only successful when carried out the right way.  We at SEO Las Vegas have years of experience that give us the knowledge to come up with the best strategies for all our customers. We watch over the campaign from the beginning and react directly. We pay close attention to your wishes, your customers’ needs and the latest trends.  Of course, our work is absolutely transparent and our customers are in control. We pay monthly visits to our customers, to keep them up to date on all changes, personally hand out the monthly reports and answer questions, and then plan the next steps. Our customers profit from our experience by reaching exactly what they are investing in. Their goals. With us, you have found the right SEO partner for a successful SEM strategy at low cost.