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What ist SMM?

SMM is short for Social Media Marketing. Social media/social networks for information exchange and general communication between users, create content and also share it in the community. It stands for all activities aiming to generate new customers through social media and keeping existing customers informed and interested. Many social media platforms are so inbuilt into society, that it is possible to reach large groups of customers in parts of the world at the same time. SMM is actually a must in today`s world, to stay in your customer´s memory or increase brand popularity.  If you are not where your customers expect you, you will sacrifice a lot of customers to your competition. Social media is a great opportunity however, it takes know how and time to do it the right way. You can easily implant the wrong image about your company and loose customers like that. Carefulness and know how are strongly advised. The content you release has to be of high quality and invite users to discuss and talk about them. Your business has to build identity and reputation and stay true to it to successfully raise brand popularity. Also, it is necessary to monitor social media activities at all times, constantly releasing new and interesting content on your social media account and to be available for your customers. Persistency and time are the keys.

Scope of SMM

In today`s social media world, it is not enough to post a new article on Facebook every two weeks. There are too many platforms offering daily news to their users. Businesses come up with many new and good ideas to differ from their competitors. A little short post is definitely not enough. The social media users expect photos and videos, high quality content posts, informing blog articles and much more, dependently during the day. This is the only way to generate new customers and keep them focused. There are many different platforms which all speak to a different crowd of people and have their own characteristics. All of them aim at the same goal though. The goal is to raise brand popularity and to win long standing customers. The platform choice plays a big part in the following success. It has to be the right platform speaking to the right group of people. The most important platforms are:

Facebook  is a platform for communication. It has been launched in 2004. Worldwide, the platform can count more than 500 Million users today. This makes Facebook a great tool, to reach many people at the same time. Facebook is a free platform for all users. Different types of profiles make it possible to use Facebook effectively. Creating a Fan Page for your business makes it possible to present yourself to the world. The handling of business sites is kept very simple, to keep accountability and to make your information easily available for users. The landing page shows the user why he or she should become a fan and all important information is right there to view. Sales and discounts, price games and coupons are the classic campaign tools on Facebook. Different than other websites, Facebook gives an opportunity to give an up close and personal insight look to your customers. This keeps customers closer than the usual solely business relation to a customer. A navigation bar lets the costumer navigate through the profile easily and a user who has given you a “like” will automatically see the news feeds coming from you, on his page. Additionally, it is possible to   place paid adverts on Facebook and single posts can be highlighted.

Instagram is a service that lets you post pictures and videos at no charge. The user can modify the shared material with filters to make them look extra good. It is a mixture of microblog and audiovisual platform. It lets you connect your account with other social media accounts of yours and shared content is then also seen on the connected account. Like Facebook, it has more than 500 Million users worldwide, which makes Instagram an attractive SMM tool. In 2016 there were more than 40.000 photo posts per minute, that makes about 60 Million posts per day. This means competition is high and the videos and photos posted, have to be useful for the user and you have to make new posts regularly to keep the attention of customers. Hashtags play a big role in being found on Instagram. They help to categorize your posts and show them to the right users.  You can also place adverts on Instagram.

Twitter is a Mikroblog servicet. Short text messeges with up to a maximum of 142 letters can be spread around publicly, so a tweet can also be seen by unregistered users. It is possible to put hashtags, links to other profiles or places on a post. Tweets will be shown to your followers, but with the right hashtags, links or re-tweets they can also reach a wider group of people. More than 1,48 Billion users who are at a mediate age of 30 years old and every fourth person of these users are people in leading business positions. The possibilities to place adds is limited and expensive compared to other platforms. But with some know how, you can still reach a lot of people with your tweets.

Google+ is a social network service provided by Google. It connects all Google products available in one app for your smartphone. You can introduce your business on your own profile. Specially good about Google+ is, that contacts can be divided into groups, which makes privacy better. It is not possible to place advertising on Google+ as yet, so it only plays a small role for SMM.

Besides the largest and most popular platforms, there are many other, smaller platforms who speak to different target groups of users and give your business different opportunities for its SMM My Space, Flickr, Badoo, Jappy, StayFriends, Xing, Pinterest, are just some of them.

Relevance of SMM

For many people, today, social media is a daily companion. In private life as well as for business porpoises. For business people SMM is a great tool with high potential to reach their targeting group of customers, purposefully. Because of the varicosity of platforms, users are of all ages and social backgrounds. There are no demographic boundaries and you can aim specifically at a targeting group that you want to present yourself to. SMM is the perfect tool to raise popularity for your business or brand. Posts or pushed advertising are not only seen by already standing customers and fans, but also speak to people who did not even know about you as yet. SMM is different from other marketing strategies in many ways. Social media platforms keep it personal, like this, not only your customers can get to know you, but you can also get to know them and react to their wishes. Social media gives you, as a business, the opportunity to work towards fulfilling your customers wants and need completely. You can motivate users to interact with you and give you information by running special campaigns on your profile. In combination with professional SEO and SEA, SMM can be used as a cross device tracker. Like this, you always reach out to the right customers at the right time and in the right place. Carried out professionally, SMM can be a major key to a successful SEO campaign and bring the maximum success that every business is looking for.

SMM by SEO Las Vegas

A professional and well planned SMM strategy, that blends right into your holistically marketing strategy, will bring sustainable success. With us by your side, your SMM experience will be no less than great. Our know how is to your advantage and we will develop a tailored strategy that works for you. Together with your project managers we will discuss the approach for your project. This will give you a close look into our working process and will teach you the basics you need to know. The reasons you should chose us are:

– We do holistic campaign management

– We provide you with a tailored SMM strategy exclusively for your business

– Permanent adjustments of the SMM strategy

– Our Know How

– Many years of experience in this business

– Transparent working routine

– Monthly reports

– Goals and approach are always discussed with you as our customer

– SMM strategy will be compatible with your standing marketing strategy

– We use innovative tools

Our holistic project management makes sure, the strategy is always aiming at your targeting group. With us, you will make it all the way to the top.